How to equip the bedroom

The bedroom is a special room in the house, the interior of which must be thought out as carefully as possible. To properly equip a room is to create a space that is practical and comfortable, and also meets the tastes and needs of the owners of the house. Everyone would like it to be easy to relax, to comfortably engage in their hobbies and, of course, sleep peacefully. How to equip the bedroom: what style to prefer, how to fit everything you need in a limited area, what decorative elements to use? We will tell about all this in this article.

Color bedroom design

The choice of color, which will be the main in the interior of the room, depends on its functional purpose. It has long been proven that different colors affect the human psyche in different ways: some relax, others maintain performance and so on. Accordingly, in order to equip the bedroom, you should choose neutral, dull shades. The design in bright colors will help solve two problems at once: create a calming atmosphere and visually enlarge the room. If the bedroom is very small or there is not enough sunlight in it, the light colors will be most welcome. Even if the bedroom is large, you can still arrange it using a beige scale. These shades are the basis of the Scandinavian style, which is now popular throughout Europe. In the interior of the bedroom will be in harmony with each other light blue walls and cherry furniture. Accents will help to arrange textiles: for example, purple canopy and purple bedding.
In general, light design of the walls in combination with dark wood furniture is one of the trends of recent years. In this case, the shade of one of them may be somewhat darker than the main one.

Bedroom style

The style for this room is chosen primarily based on the preferences of the owner. There are many options for how to equip a bedroom, but the following areas are most often used:


Ecostyle assumes naturalness in everything: natural materials, simple fabrics and neutral tones will be appropriate here. It is important that the room was as spacious and bright as possible. Wooden furniture will be suitable for this direction, and cotton and linen fabrics are used in the design.


Minimalism is a specific style, which is characterized by the presence of two or three primary colors. In a minimalist interior, practicality comes first, and all the few decorative elements are functional. It is necessary to equip the bedroom in this direction, if you like spacious, quiet rooms, not overloaded with unnecessary details

High tech

One of the most modern styles can be called hi-tech. Here, special attention is paid to technology, and the basic colors are black, white, silver, and so on. To create a bedroom in this style, you can use colors such as purple, green or blue to add accents. Another feature of this direction is unusual forms. Any furnishings and decor, ranging from beds and armchairs and ending with shelves and lamps, may have unusual outlines.

Selection and placement of furniture and accessories in the bedroom

How to equip a bedroom in the house? An integral part of this process is the selection of functional furniture.
It is necessary to think about how a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe and other furniture can be arranged in the available space so that there is enough space in the room.
The optimal width of the aisles for the bedroom is about 70 cm. It is important to arrange the room so that all the doors and drawers open freely. If the area of ​​the room is small, it is worth to abandon traditional cabinets altogether in favor of the closet-couch.
In general, the bed is the center of the bedroom, and you cannot save on this piece of furniture. Its quality affects not only the visual appearance of the room: first of all, it ensures the quality of sleep. Those who equip the bedroom should think about buying a full bed, not a sofa.
A good bed should be at least 213 cm in length; the width for single models is at least 99 cm, for doubles - 152 cm. It is equally important to purchase a solid orthopedic mattress. The bed should be located so that it can be approached from both sides, and the front door can be clearly seen. In the bedroom, in addition to the bed and the wardrobe, there can also be bedside tables, chairs or ottomans, and so on. What pieces of furniture are suitable for your bedroom? It depends on many factors, the main of which are the area of ​​the room, as well as its style. If you decide to furnish a room in a minimalist style - the least amount of furniture and decor is welcome, while in a classic interior a full-fledged suite will be appropriate. And yet, to furnish a bedroom is not only to purchase furniture. We will have to devote a lot of time to the selection of textiles and accessories. In accordance with the style of the interior, the curtains are chosen - more or less dense, neutral or bright. One of the most practical elements in the design of the bedroom, of course, is a mirror. In addition to its main function, any reflective surface makes the room wider and free. Mirrors can be decorated with any surface, just do not place them in front of the bed. An optional, but quite functional part of the bedroom is a dressing room, which is much more than a compact closet with hinged doors. This is a complete room where you can store all your belongings and also change clothes. Of course, not every room can be equipped with not only a place to relax, but also a dressing room: for this you need an impressive area.

The wardrobe zone can be located:

In the corner of the room. This option is optimal for arranging a wardrobe area in a small room due to the significant space savings.
Near the bed. In a rectangular bedroom, a sleeping place can be located near a long wall. If you use the techniques of zoning the room, next to it you can equip a place for changing clothes.
Along the wall. It is very convenient to arrange a wardrobe along a long wall in which there is no doorway.

It is possible to allocate a place for a dressing room with the help of a plasterboard partition, but this will be appropriate only in a room with a large area. In this case, it becomes a truly separate, independent room inside the bedroom. Another option - to equip a wardrobe, separating it with a screen or curtains. Such a zoning method can be considered more acceptable for medium-sized bedrooms, while a very small room will reduce such a border even more. On the question of how beautifully to arrange the bedroom, decorative elements play a significant role. The following components of the decor will help to make the room more comfortable: paintings, photographs, elegant souvenirs. In the bedroom of spouses always look great pair objects, whether vases, lamps or souvenir figurines.


Color setting to rest

The bedroom in its color scheme should be made in pastel colors. Nothing should be annoying. Wow effect is inappropriate here. Choose a calm color, ideally - cold or neutral colors.

Fabric wallpaper on the walls

Textile wallpaper soft to the touch. They perfectly disperse both daylight and decorative. They create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Of course, this option is not cheap, but does it save on its comfort?
Their advantages over conventional wallpaper are obvious:

they are natural and safe for humans;
do not fade, resistant to moisture and abrasion;
cleaned with little effort with a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle;
provide sound insulation;
the huge range available allows you to choose them for any interior.


The curtains in the bedroom should be thick enough so as not to let the sunlight in the morning, when you still want to soak up the warm bed.
It is advisable to use the combined version - thick curtains and light, for example, from a veil or organza. At night, close the windows with thick curtains, and during the day use light ones, tying up the main curtains so that they do not interfere with the natural lighting of the room.